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From: (Brian Cash)
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Subject: Telemarketing
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 96 05:48:36 GMT
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*Pardon me, but are you really secure with your current insurance company?*
Images of fires and floods and earthquakes flashed through my mind.
"Yes, thank you.  I'm not interested."
The images died away and I went back to eating my dinner.  They always
seem to call up at the worst times.
"Dammit, Lisa.  I'm going to start taking blockers if this keeps up."
Lisa put down her wineglass.
"Oh, come on." she said, "It doesn't happen that many times.  And what if
someone important wanted to get through?"
"They can use the phone.  I mean it!  It is getting damn annoying.  Last week,
one came through when I was driving and I almost had an accident."
"What one was it?" Lisa asked.
"The trip to Hawaii."
Lisa perked up. "Oh! I rather like that one!  The warm sunshine, the lovely beaches, the
shimmering water..."
"All I'm saying is:  with the discovery of telepathy, you would think they would have a better use for it."

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