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Date: 1 Dec 1996 06:04:57 GMT
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George Herbert ( wrote:
: 						And now, for some reason,
: 						it appears that the
: 						anti-gravity device that
: 						the NASA guy from MSFC
: 						was talking about was not
: 						in fact a product of too
: 						much hydrazine inhalation.
: 						I find the idea that NASA
: 						funded research that actually
: 						may have invented anti-gravity
: 						terrifying, as should you.

Oh, not at all.  

Antigravity?  Why not?  I'm a sucker for whatever mainstream science
tells me these days.  I remember when 9600 baud modems over a dial-up
line were theoretically impossible.  I remember the day I heard about
the solution of the 4-color problem, and about the classification of
finite groups.  Fermat's theorem has been proven.  What's a trifling
matter like antigravity?

After the Challenger and Chernobyl disasters, I realized I must be
living in a science-fiction novel.  With recent developments like life
on Mars, I've refined that notion to: I am living in a *cheesy* science
fiction novel.  Antigravity fits right in.

Why fight it?  Just concentrate on writing yourself in as an essential
character to the plot.

  -- C

                         Pope C the Anonymous

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