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From: (Steven L. Pearson)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: reflections and images
Date: 1 Dec 1996 07:36:39 GMT
Organization: The Tower of Babylon and on and on...
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	walls behind walls behind walls...

	facades, walls, mirror images.  reflections of what we want to see,
	even though it's possible to see through the glass if we'd just 
	_look_.  the doppleganger can stand revealed before us, the mirror
	in shards at our feet, and we still insist that the face before us
	is the facade we want (need?) to see.  

	you'll have to excuse a bit of frustration breaking through.  it is 
	perhaps the single negative emotion i possess in abundance.  i can't 
	understand.  i'm as guilty as the next person of this (something that
	has been difficult for me to admit).  thems of us that's good folk
	seems ta need ta save thems thats not.  why?  are we so in need of
	a messiah - even if it is our self?  in months of frustration, anger,
	hurt, pain, sorrow, a tiny glimmer of light, and the image is renewed.

	dorian grey didn't need a painting, just one person - an artist 
	messiah, to constantly repaint his image.  the kestrels feed on our
	still twitching corpses and we give our bodies and blood freely.  
	a sacrament to our guilt.  guilt defined by those we try to save.  

	forgive them mother.  forgive them father.  they know not what they do.
	yet, if we looked into the eyes of the facade, we'd _know_.  they
	never meet.  we'd rather blame the glass cutters than see that
	the image isn't really distorted.  


	well, it's late.  i've vented enough for the moment.  i shall sprechen
	later.  until then, i bid thee a good night and happy morrow...  
	"If bosses could recognize their flaws, they wouldn't have so
	many. There must be some kind of cognitive camouflage you get
	when you become a manager."  scott adams, 'dilbert' creator