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Subject: things heard round the house (FTSD)
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 10:08:44 -0500
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Inspired by John seeing a copy of the new Constructive Playthings catalogue

                Destructive Playthings Catalogue

He asked me, "Don't we have a recent copy of the Destructive Playthings
I said, "No.  We haven't published one in three years, you know that."
"Why not?", he asks.
"Because of the lawsuits.  The parents were very unhappy.  We had three
kids who look like Mark Pauline now."
"This is a problem?", he asked.
"Yes, it's a problem.  The parents were very unhappy."
He said: "The kids weren't.  They loved that catalogue."
"I know.  The parents were very unhappy."  I paused while continuing what
I had been doing.  "Ask Bob Tech," I said.  "He was very unhappy about it.
His favorite catalogue.  We had to scrap it."


"Excuse me, while I dance a little jig of despair."