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From: Andy Green <>
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Subject: the third time
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 16:51:38 +0000
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The first time you find it by accident - a cave somewhere in 
the woods. Out of curiousity you wander in. The darkness is complete. 
You stumble against strange shapes, bruising your knees and your elbows.
>From further within you can hear something breathing, slow and ominous, 
then quickening and moving towards you. You panic and turning run out 
of the cave, tearing your coat against the sharp rocks. You stumble out 
into the light and throw yourself down onto the wet grass. You lie there 
awhile, staring at the sky.
	The second time you find it easily - a crack in the wall. You 
squeeze through the opening, narrower than before, the ceiling lower. 
As your eyes become accustomed to the dark you can see rock formations 
that no longer seem strange or frightening. From somewhere inside the 
wind blows through a narrow tunnel, howling and impotent. You light a 
cigarette and survey your domain. After a while you get bored and leave.

	The third time it is difficult to find. Bushes have grown over 
the entrance and there has been a landslide. You have to move some of 
the rocks to make enough room to get in. It takes longer than you
thought and at the end you lean for a while against your stick,
breathing heavily. You crouchdown and painfully haul yourself through.
Somewhere inside the wind is panting slowly. You lean against the rock
face, tired and old. There's no need to move now.