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Subject: jack random act V
Date: 1 Dec 1996 13:04:43 -0500
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Scene:  A brightly lit stage, completely bare except for JACK, who is
sitting just off center on a single, wooden chair.  He is facing the

Jack:  Welcome back all of me.  [he looks around, side to side, as if he is
	in a large circle of people] I'm so glad to see you all again again.  
	Tell me about it. 

[he stands, takes a position two steps to his left.]

Jack: I was a robot, I think.  Someone loved me. [he looks sad and
	thoughtful, and then jumps back to the chair]

Jack: [nodding] I see.  It sounds as if it were painful.  I'm sorry.  [he
	sits, abashed, for a minute, looking very uncomfortable]

Jack: [brightly, putting that aside] Uh, okay.  [he looks to his right] How
	about you?

[he stands, takes a position two steps to his right.]

Jack: [getting a dull look on his face] Um, I-uh.  I... 

[he blinks and cocks his head to the side, as if trying to listen to
something only he can hear, and looks puzzled when he can't hear it.]

Jack: [blinking and fidgeting] I, uh, had an adventure.  One of my, uh,
	friends died and a bad man tried to take me over.  I'm okay now, 
	I think. 

[after another pause he jumps back to the chair and begins nodding again]

Jack: That's very good, Jack.  I hope you had fun.  [he turns his head
	farther to the right, looking down as he speaks] How about you, 
	little guy?

[he jumps up, takes a couple steps to the right and crouches, hands
touching the ground.]

Jack: Help friend! 

[he skitters, spider-like, around in place, facing the audience and looking
at them with wide eyes.  he skitters back to face the chair.]

Jack: Help friend! 

[he stares upward, leaning his whole body back to see, keeping his hands
low to the ground.  he turns back to the chair after a moment.]

Jack: Help friend! 

[after another moment, he stands and quickly sits down in the chair again.]

Jack: Well, Jack, it's good to know that you, uh, helped a friend. [he
	smiles wryly before staring around the rest of the imaginary 
	circle] Oh, don't worry, we have all the time in the world to 
	hear what happened to the rest of us.  Don't be shy!

[he looks off a couple of steps to his right and begins miming a
conversation as the curtain falls and the lights dim.]

(explaining old in-jokes R us)

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