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From: (d.)
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Subject: Catburglars
Date: 9 Dec 1993 15:29:55 GMT

   Keraah jumps up and hoists himself on the ledge with an easy grace.
So strong...I could never leap that high.

   "Come on, Norwoh," he says.

   "I can't."

   "You can.  I'll help you.  I'll catch you.  Come on!"

   Oh, Gods.

   I turn and walk a few feet away.  Turning, I see Keraah standing on
the ledge, waiting, green eyes reflecting a nearby street lamp.  The
building reaches up into the sky farther than I can see, forcing the
moon to one side.

   "Come on already!"

   Cold purpose forms in my stomach.  This will probably hurt.  I run.
I leap.  My hands find the concrete ledge, but my legs dangle into
space.  Gravity catches up with me, pulling me off.

   Keraah grabs me by the scruff of my neck, easily lifting me up.  So

   "Told you could do it."

   "My hand is bleeding."  One of my nails has been entirely ripped
away.  The pain has yet to surface through the adrenaline in my blood.

   "Worry about that later.  We've got a long evening ahead of us."

   Keraah leads the way to a large glass window with iron bars in
front.  Fortunately, the bars are spaced too far apart to keep us out.
I mutter in pain as my hand begins to ache.

   "This'll be easy," says Keraah.  He sits down, and I see him begin
to relax.  The night seems very still all of a sudden.

   The window now has a glowing circle in it, outlined in red.  It's
about a foot in diameter.  As I watch, the red glows brighter and
brighter, becoming a bright white.  The circle of glass falls outward,
clinking on the concrete ledge.

   "Careful," says Keraah.  There is strain in his voice.  "The edges
are still hot."

   I nod.  Keraah steadies himself, and leaps through the hole.  I
jump after, falling several feet before landing on the floor.

   Pain.  "Oooow!" I cry.  My hand is alive with fire.

   "Shhhh!" Keraah says.  It's too late, I hear footsteps in the hall.
Clump.  Clump.  Clump.  Heavy guard boots, and a stabbing flashlight
beam in the doorway.

   "Do your thing!" Keraah hisses.  I clear my mind but the pain in my
hand is too intense.

   Whack!  Keraah bats me upside the head.  The surprise forces me
into the right state.  I reach out inside...

   The flashlight beam wipes over us, but we do not register to the
guard.  He shrugs and clomps off.

   "Good job, Norwoh!" Keraah says.  He smiles.  "Come on!"

   We scuttle down the hallway, looking up at the maps on the walls so
we don't lose our way.  Its a short walk.

   "There!" Keraah whispers.  On the wall, behind a large pane of
plexiglas, several necklaces are displayed on black velvet.  All are
diamond and gold, ruby and silver.  Keraah gives me an evil grin.

   I nod back.  He sits on his haunches again, and concentrates on the
glass.  A lower rectangle of it glows white hot after a long, long
time, and falls out.  Clang!

   "Go distract the guards," Keraah gasps.  "Meet you outside."

   The guard-steps are coming out the hall again.  I step out, and
wait for their approach.

   "Hey!" I cry.  "Over here!"

   One exclaims in gibberish language and the other appears to be
laughing.  I streak between them, and come to a stop.  They turn.

   The talking one is kneeling down, making soothing noises to me.  I
saunter up to him casually, smile at him disarmingly, and bite him
HARD on the nose!

   He stands up screaming!  The other dives for me!  I sidestep
hurriedly and he falls to the floor.  He kneels while standing up and
I jump on his back, using him for a springboard.  I fly right into the
first one's face and rake him nicely with the nails on my good hand.
He yells some more.

   Out of the corner of my eye I see Keraah sprinting down the hall,
something glinting held in his mouth.

   The first guard is still screaming and clawing at his face.  His
hands are covered with blood.  The second has stood back up, and is
growling angrily.

   "Um, I didn't hurt you guys, did I?"  I say.  

   This seems to put the angry one off for a moment, long enough for
me to barrel between his legs.  He cries out, but I run like I shot
down the hall.  As I pass one doorway, I see Keraah jumping through
another red-hot hole in a glass window.

   It's pure agony, but I manage to come to a screeching stop.  I
spin, run into the room, and leap through the hole without a second
thought.  On the ledge I leap again, catching myself in a shrubbery.
The branches scratch my face and sides, but cushions the blow as I hit
the ground.

   Keraah is there.  "Let's go!" he shouts, and we race off down the
street to our hiding hole, two very rich thieves.

   Sometimes, life rewards the bold... 


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