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From: (Zvi Gilbert)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: hydrogen jukebox
Date: 1 Dec 1996 14:04:27 -0500
Organization: kind king light of mind
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Keywords: Copyright 1996 by Zvi Gilbert. Yeah, really.

Oh the morning is a breaking out of wombdark by the vivid genitals of the sky,
 harsh glow and yellow flow, particle dance of light cascading beautiful fluids
 in a not-quite-pain wave,
Where each triumphant moment passive, active, passing through us is a cell of
 the body of the day, nucleus of momentous events, cytoplasmic time flowing and
 caressing powered by the mitochondrial quantum energy of vacuum,
And people are not parasites but sybionts in the larger body of the day, aging
 fully each minute, carried in the hurried rush that is the lymph of 
 events, the oxygen flowering in our lungs, the water that bathes our souls,
A haze of neural events creeping through a larger brain, watching the living
 being we move within accrete time and slow fall fade into night that is the
 senility and childhood of the calendar round,
And it is not too beautiful to bear,
For as the day is born each sunrise, so too are the hours each digital tick of 
 the clock alarm, the minutes each sweep of the second hand, the seconds each
Bearing the cycles in the fractional time it takes each molocule to jump the 
 synaptic gap,
And together rejoicing in each autochronal instant.

cry if you want to / I won't tell you not to