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From: (bill coderre)
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Subject: The Sandwiches of Pretense JPCA (FTSD)
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 12:42:25 -0800
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A trendy little sandwich bistro in London's Soho.  
Very apres bain.  I saw it there, on a plate, antique,
with gold edging.  Crusts cut off, of course.
I brought it home and had it copied.

Only the rarest English roast beef.  Carefully smocked
arugula and radiccio.  Norwegian gjetost cheese.
Imported Italian stone ground, unsprouted, whole grain
bread (winter wheat, rusty rye, Thompson's grazing maize,
plantation grown wild wheat, chestnut, triticale, sunflower,
amaranth, poppy, domestic oats, late summer Russian thistle, 
barley, orzo, courgette, artinia, quadrotriticale, porphyry,
aspergillus, millet, sorghum, gossypium).

Served nestled next to a garnie of jerusalem 
artichoke heart salad with just a crux of basaltic 

Sandwich (No. 47A 40332) $37 Imported.

F Haineux and L Chabot
purveyors of fine vitiosity for some time now