Article: 288623 of talk.bizarre
From: (bill coderre)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: The talk.bizarre ribbon (FTSD)
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 12:50:18 -0800
Organization: Castle Wetware Internet Services, Inc.
Lines: 20
Message-ID: <>

Recently, it seems that every cause has a ribbon. Pink ribbon for breast
cancer. Blue ribbon for internet free speech. Green ribbon with a little
gilt edging for insider trading reform. Frayed ribbon for leprosy. Etc.

Naturally, we need a talk.bizarre ribbon.

Lisa thinks it should be red-and-blue banded plaid, spelling out in morse
code, "FAIL TO SUCK."

I immediately thought of Imipolex-G. But this is hardly surprising. I want
to have an entire suit made from it.

We imagined that mister x would have a ribbon made of that sentient plastic
that was such a nuisance for Jon Pertwee.

or maybe just a ribbon adorned with dozens of little eyes that followed you
around as you moved. and blinked occasionally.