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From: (the reverse-psychology major)
Subject: Re: The talk.bizarre ribbon (FTSD)
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 07:02:59 GMT
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bill coderre <> wrote:
>Recently, it seems that every cause has a ribbon. Pink ribbon for breast
>cancer. Blue ribbon for internet free speech. Green ribbon with a little
>gilt edging for insider trading reform. Frayed ribbon for leprosy. Etc.
>Naturally, we need a talk.bizarre ribbon.
>Lisa thinks it should be red-and-blue banded plaid, spelling out in morse
>code, "FAIL TO SUCK."
>I immediately thought of Imipolex-G. But this is hardly surprising. I want
>to have an entire suit made from it.
>We imagined that mister x would have a ribbon made of that sentient plastic
>that was such a nuisance for Jon Pertwee.

... a black ribbon with a gray 'remember to logout'

    talk about fuckin' obvious

this is my .sig. it's one of the best .sigs on the 'net'. i know what 
you're thinking: 'did he post 5 or 6 articles'? to tell you the truth i
kinda lost track myself. so you gotta ask yourself one question: 'have
you mamorized it yet?' huh, have you punk? go for it. make my bed.