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In article <>, (bill coderre) wrote:
> Recently, it seems that every cause has a ribbon. 
I don't know as talk.bizarre is a "cause", seems much more like an "effect" to 
me, possibly of the sort written about on quasi-prescription-drug labels; you 
know, "Do not drive or operate dangerous machinery...."

But the need for a disinguishing ribbon is, imho, self-evident. In today's world 
no organization self-respecting or otherwise is without one. And even a 
disorganization like t.b ought to have one.

However, bits of tinsel or fabric will hardly do: too easy to fake, too wussy to 
wear with pride, etc.

I think a live coral snake is IT, Jack. Coral snakes invariably fail to suck, as 
followups are likely to, and you don't NEVER mess with a coral snake.


"A life of ease has made him vainglorious, and too fat to move."
             --"Eledred" (in "The Destruction of Bartle Manor")
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