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Subject: Net Dating Survey/Safety Tips
Date: 1 Dec 1996 23:50:26 GMT
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"Joan E. Reis, MS" ( writes:
> Pertinent information:
> Age

> Status such as married, single, etc.
Cluster marriage, 10th option, illyrium sept

> Genereal location such as Midwest, Northeast, etc.
Delta quadrant

> Gender - F/M

> Reason for using net services/options
Access via Arcturus Online just became affordable

> Gender preferences(s) such as gay, straight, etc.
Arcturian clusterfuck, but open-minded

> Experience - good/bad, did it lead to relationship(s) and if so, what 
> type
Oh baby

> Distance traveled
2,648 light-qvaski

> Description of out come
Nest of larvae deposited in core of planet locally known as Sol III.
Projected year of maturation and shattering of host: 1998 local time.

Thank you for your interest
Xpibon Chazbat IV