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Subject: Re: Net Dating Survey/Safety Tips
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Date: 2 Dec 96 06:37:38 UTC
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On Sun, 01 Dec 1996 12:55:16 -0800, "Joan E. Reis, MS"
<> was inspired to say:

>I would appreciate it if you would send me your experiences about dating=
>people you have met over the Net.  This is for a research project, and=20
>your help is essential.  All names, nicks, email addresses, mail groups,=
>etc. will be confidential.  You will NOT end up on mail lists.  For=20
>answering ALL of this brief survey, I will send you guidelines for =
>and success.

While I won't do your research for you, it's ironic (10 points) of you
crossposing this to asgx, arguably one of the most inbred newsgroups
in the whole of USENET. :)


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