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Subject: "Don't cry for me, San Clemente" (FTSD)
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 13:25:49 -0800
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What with all the hype about Madonna becoming Evita, I naturally started
                           NIXON: The Opera. 

Seems like a natural, to me, what with Tommy Tune as Gerald Ford, Martin
Landau as Kissinger (in the style of Peter Sellers), and, of course, Tim
Curry in the starring role. 

William S Burroughs taking the part of Hunter S Thompson, the Greek Chorus
to comment on the action. 

A lifesize cardboard cutout of Captain Janeway as Pat Nixon, or perhaps a
lifesize plastic Colonel Harland Sanders (in drag). Just apply some
animatronics to make the arm wave in that regal style.

Schwarzenegger as G Gordon Liddy. Martin Short as John Dean.

I think the "Checkers" speech would make the defining song for the Early Years.

"We Can Win", an impassioned aria defending the Viet Nam policy.

"Four More Years" as the big production number. Disco.

"Luck Be A Lady" recast as the Watergate trials. The male ensemble
tap-dancing and occasionally shouting, "I have no recollection at this

And, of course, a heart-stirring medley of "That would be wrong" and "I had
it all", complete with swelling strings and pinspots reminiscent of
"Memories" from the award-winning, Broadway blockbuster "Cats."

call Andrew Lloyd Weber