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From: (bill coderre)
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Subject: (CLUE) Re: RFTS, part II
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 13:50:17 -0800
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References: <> <5752ip$> (Jeffrey Bay) wrote:
|             "More interesting" is
|        a darn sight farther than I would
|    have taken such an argument. I think one
|  might actually           be able to put some
|  interesting                  content  into a
|  post in a                   particular style,
|    but the                  real question,
|       of                 course, is going
|                        to be, is it art?
|                      And the answer?
|                   I don't think
|                  that I would
|                  call  it any
|                  kind of art.
|                  Bizarre does
|                  not = merely
|                  challenging.

CLUE: There are enough Make Money Fast and "My dick is bizarre" postings to
keep you busy for centuries, without bothering to tear down SOMEONE WHO IS

Stick to posting original stuff. At least yours isn't terrible, Mister Cave

Art is a guy with no arms and no legs you hang on the wall.