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Rohan's mind insight: Ok, these are my friends, this is a gift.. try
not to suck.


"Er..", the small naked boy looked warily at the crowd below, their
eyes expectant and watery.

"Um..", a few of the crowd re-adjusted their seats.

"Well, I guess I'd first like to say thank you for being alive so that
I have the chance to write this story, so that I have a chance to be
heard, and so that I have a chance to proove that I've been alive for
the last 23 years, and not actually locked in a box, or under my
mothers wing, or in the service of my father, or have been made by
anyone, or been attacked, or anything.  Thank you for being patient
with my paranoia, and thank you to those who knew how to heal".

The crowd is still.

"And with that, I'd like to say..."

The small boy looks down at the floor.  He looks up again at the crowd.

The small boy picks his nose.

Some of the crowd look uncomfortable.  A few others also pick their
noses.  Some of them consider the story of the buddha who had a flower
and the monks all thought he was great.  Days later they would tell
their friends "flower, snot, get it get it ?  HE was great !!".

Their friends would probably chuckle and drink more coffee.

But then again, they probably wouldn't be his friends if they did.

Some of them just sat there and waited.

The young boy waves his arms in the air, but does not fly.

They wait.

The young boy does a little dance.

They wait.

They young boy explodes.

They clap.


God is sitting there in his big chair as the young boy approaches.

The young boy waves his arms and does not fly.

God waits.

The young boy does a little dance.

God waits.

God has seen it all before.

Jesus walks in.

"Hey!  Whose the kid ?"  He says smiling.  "Hey kid, lets go play."

The young boy looks at Jesus and his smiling face.

The young boy reaches for his not-recently-picked nose.

Jesus doesn't even flinch.

The young boy smiles, forgets his nose, and walks away with Jesus.


Five years later they play in a rock band so that even the devil rocks.

(the devil, unfortunately, is still convinced it was his doing)