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From: (Rollin C. Thomas)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: The TRUTH about... the FUTURE!
Date: 2 Dec 1996 02:10:55 GMT
Organization: Purdue University
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Welcome to the 1950 World's Fair!

Consider...  The year 1920.

Mankind has just ended the greatest war he has ever known and victory is on
the side of Freedom!  Motorcars become commonplace!  Electrified streetcars
roll the streets of America's burgeoning cities!

Consider...  The year 1950!

Man has unleashed the power of the atom for the peaceful use of the end of
the greatest war he has ever known!  Automobiles pound the highways of 
America, and production soars to new heights as life improves for all!

Now...  Consider...  The year 1980!

In the year 1980, you will fly to work in your personal helicopter.  Powered
by the atom or perhaps even static electricity from the air, these manmade
birds soar through the sky as Mr. Smith flies home to Mrs. Smith after a
hard days work!

...If there is still work in 1980!

By 1980 automated factories will dot the landscape.  Completely efficient and
devoid of fatigue, these metal servants will eliminate the need for man to
risk his frail bodies in the efforts of production!  He can turn his mind
to other pursuits, such as poetry or thinking!  Entertainment will boom!

...If there is still entertainment in 1980!

By 1980 there will be no need for entertainment, as man will grow out of 
this childish need in the early 1960's.  Mankind will no longer frolic or
play on the beaches, leaving them undisturbed for automated servants in
flying helicopters powered by the atom to build factories upon!  

...If there are still beaches in 1980!

Modern scientists are working on eliminating the need for water in man's
diet, thereby eliminating the need for the oceans.  After evaporating
the water off into outer space, man will turn the once sea-floor into
the largest farm in the known universe, maintained by electronic farmers
with vacuum tube brains in helicopters dispatched from factories!

...If there is still a universe in 1980!

Scientists are working to achieve the elimination of the need for the
universe, and wish to replace it with a lifesize cutout of Tippy Hedron,
where the Earth would reside in her teeth!

Indeed!  The future is promising for man, and plastics!

Rollin C. Thomas, child.
		  "Hi.  We've come to take you home."