Article: 288657 of talk.bizarre
From: Ronan Waide <>
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: say what you mean / mean what you say
Date: 02 Dec 1996 02:14:33 +0000
Organization: EUnet Ireland customer
Lines: 17
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Summary: so I avoided FTSD

Written communication is the ultimate in receiver-oriented
language. Everything one says is filtered through one's target
audience, weighed up in so much context that sometimes a single word
is enough to precipitate a whole plethora of emotions and actions -
often in error. Simple inflections in speech, visual signals such as
facial gestures and even timing of delivery are all dispensed with in
this medium. Thus it requires a much more precise command of language
than, perhaps, one would normally use.

So when I tell you that you seem to have completely ignored everything
I said to you about manifestations of friendship, you'll just have to
figure out for yourself if I'm laughing, crying or bleeding into my

Your move.