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He was searching for words. His elbow rested on
the desk, his wrist was limp, and his index finger
traced tiny Lissajous figures in the air. I sensed
in him a great compassion. He did not want to hurt
me. Unduly.


"I don't know," he said. "It's all very he she I
you this, it's all very punctuation, it's all very
verbs nouns."


"The piece," he said. "Overall. The piece itself. Too

"Unsustained?" I inquired. Meaning "Meaning?"

"Unsustained," he said. "Not ... sufficiently ...

"But undiluted," I said.

"Undiluted I admit," he replied. "Albeit. Yet


"And the paper," he said, "is the wrong size. Too
small. You cannot convince anyone with this kind of
writing. On this kind of paper."


A rustle of suits in the quiet room as we stood and
shook hands.


The rejection slip is the size of a business card,
and is extravagantly embellished with rococo curlicues.
It reads simply: No.


rod macrae
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