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An excerpt from:

                W H A T     T O      E X P E C T

                         When You're

                      E X P E C T I N G


                     A B O M I N A T I O N

Chapter 3: Your Developing Monster

THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS: Conception to Week 4

Around day 14 of your cycle, an egg is released from one
of your ovaries.  The fringes at the edges of the Fallopian
tubes propel the egg into the reproductive tract, where it  
is now vulnerable to the merciless assult of the Dark Seed
of Tssug the Many-Armed.

Once fertilized, the egg drifts gently to the uterus and
implants itself in the uterine lining.  The growing impkin
will take sustenance from the mother's bloodstreem -- sometimes
by direct absorbtion of nutrients, but more frequently through
use of its small-yet-sharp prenascent claws and fangs.

                    QUESTION AND ANSWER: 'AM I DOOMED?'

                    Many new mothers fear the cataclysmic orgy
                    of rending and tearing that birthing the
                    spawn of Evil will entail.  In the early
                    weeks of your pregnancy, you may experience
                    doubts about your ability to mother a monster,
                    carry a darkling to term, or survive extreme
                    pelvic trauma.  These fears are perfectly
                    normal, but will soon pass.  As you grow into
                    your role as a vehicle for global annihilation,
                    you will soon come to anticipate the birthing
                    event with a bloodthirsty eagerness.  Praise
                    Tssug the Many-Armed! IA! IA!

WHAT HATH WE WROUGHT?: Weeks 5 Through 8   

Week 5: * The embryo has fully functioning gills.
        * It has a simple brain and nervous system.
        * Four shallow pits have appeared on the head.  These will
          later develop into eyes, ears, mouths, or other organs
          beyond the ken of Man.
        * The embryo has the beginnings of a jaw, fangs and poison sacs.
        * The stomach and chest are developing.  The heart can be seen
          as a large bulge at the front of the chest; by the end of the
          week it will start beating.  A short while later, it will stop.
        * Four tiny limb buds have developed, but the suckers will not
          be visible until later.
Week 6: * The embryo is now the size of an apple seed, but already it
          can kick your ass.
        * The embryo still has a tail.  It might go away.  It might not.
          Do not second-guess the Dark Seed of Tssug the Many-Armed!
        * The mind is still poorly developed, but already it feels
          hate towards those who would oppose it.
        * You may experience urges to drink or smoke.  These urges are
          coming from the embryo; already it knows what it likes.  Do
          not oppose the will of the diabolic entity growing inside you.
Week 7: * The head looks large and is bent on to the chest.  A face is
          forming, but not one any mother could love.  
        * The eyes are on the sides of the head and still sealed, but
          even now they burn with the inner fire of a dark and malignant
        * The arms and legs are clearly visible, with clefts at the end
          which become fingers and toes if you're lucky.
        * The outline of the demon's nervous system is complete, and vile
          schemes of world domination already echo through your embryo's
          tiny mind.
        * The embryo is now the size of a small grape -- a grape that
          shall one day ROCK THE WORLD.  Praise Tssug! IA! IA!
Week 8: * The embryo can now be called a 'fetus', which means 'Harbinger
          of Doom'.
        * A face is recognizable -- a cruel face; the face of our Master.
        * All the major internal organs are fully developed, with a few
          unusual additions.  
        * The tentacles have descended.
        * The Abomination moves around a lot, although you can't feel him
          yet.  Just wait until he gets his bones firmed up, though.  Ho ho.
          *Then* you'll feel him.

                              QUESTION AND ANSWER: 'WHAT ABOUT TWINS?'

                              Sometimes the Host Mother develops twins
                              or even triplets, for the Dark Seed of Tssug
                              is fecund and takes what it wants.  However,
                              there is little danger of multiple Sons of
                              Shaitan being born upon the earth.  The forming
                              fetuses are already aggressive and swiftly 
                              initiate hostilities.  Most often the strongest
                              embryo survives after a brief struggle, but
                              conflicts have been known to continue through
                              the second trimester as the vicious ur-Fiends
                              play games of cat-and-mouse throughout your
                              pelvis.  On rare occasions, two fetuses 
                              survive harmoniously for several weeks, but 
                              the dominant darkling will invariably devour
                              its brother in its unceasing quest for blood
                              and destruction.


The Enfant Terrible looks much less human.  The discomforts of early pregnancy
will begin to wear off, only to be replaced with the discomforts of harboring
a bloodthirsty fiend the size of a chicken's egg.  You may still be emotional,
lashing out at loved ones with blunt instruments.  You will need to urinate 
less -- such is the Dark Power of Tssug the Many-Armed!

    * The fetuses' external ears are well developed, so beware of voicing
      seditious thoughts.
    * Tiny fingers and toes have formed.  Larger fingers and toes, already
      weeks ahead of their smaller siblings in development, will devour the
      new digits.  Thus is the cycle of the perversion of nature renewed.
    * Your breasts will feel heavier.  This is the way he likes you.
    * Get in the habit of always standing straight.  It won't help you any,
      but you should appear proud before the adoring worshippers.
    * You should start to notice weight loss.  You should steadily lose
      body mass to your parasite's gluttony at the rate of several pounds
      per month.  If, close to pregnancy, you are not a dessicated husk,
      alert your health care provider.

                              QUESTION AND ANSWER: 'WHY MUST I KILL?'

                              There is an unquestionable link between mother-
                              hood and the urge to kill.  Do not be concerned;
                              this is perfectly natural.  Your growing finkboy
                              requires the release of fear and agony that only
                              premeditated murder can provide.  Do not deny him
                              the sadistic stimulation his misdeveloping body
                              requires.  Remember: now you're killing for TWO.

                              As in all things, remember moderation!  Do not
                              arouse the suspicion of the authorities with a
                              noticeable rash of beheadings or flayings in the
                              ritual manner.  Avoid overindulgence, taking part
                              in only the most grisly and violent of massacres.
                              Naturally, an exception should be made for all
                              worshippers of Shakul Pain-Bringer -- these must
                              be slain at all costs, that accursed Shakul's
                              body might be infested with maggots when Tssug
                              the Many-Armed's hosts are victorious on the
                              Shattered Plains.  Hail Tssug! IA! IA!


Now into the second three months of pregnancy, you should be feeling 
healthier and more energetic than in your first trimester.  Don't be fooled;
you're still doomed.  In these weeks, the last vestiges of thought of 
rebellion should slip from your mind; even now does the Dark Seed of Tssug
take root in your thoughts as well as your belly.  

     * Your pregnancy starts to show as a gentle rounding of the stomach.
       Occasionally your imp's crest will bulge across your abdomen, not
       unlike a shark cruising for hapless swimmers.
     * His head looks too large for his body.  If you think this will
       change, you are sadly mistaken.
     * The Loathesome One has a fine downy hair on his face and body.
       This is known as lanugo, and serves no known purpose.  Later,
       when the child is born, these hairs will strengthen and be used
       to snare insects, lizards and small birds for food.
     * He can suck his thumb.  Hell, he can suck YOUR thumb.  He may try
       for any promising target he can see as he peers balefully out
       your navel, so make sure to wear garments that cover your midriff.
     * He can hear your heartbeat, and it frustrates him.  He may claw
       and scrabble at your diaphragm trying to silence the organ.  You
       may wish to quiet him at such times with draughts of aqua regia.


                          The Dark Seed of Tssug the Many-Armed is gifted
                          with powers beyond our comprehension.  It is 
                          difficult for some mothers to understand that the
                          tiny being growing inside them will one day bring
                          wrack and ruin to all that is goodness and light
                          in the world.  This lack of understanding can
                          lead some womb-slaves to make errors in judgment
                          regarding their nascent charges.

                          Some mothers, curious as to their child's progress,
                          choose to have an ultrasound examination conducted.
                          Know you, then, that whereas mundane infants do not
                          mind such scrutiny -- yea, may not even notice that
                          they are being observed -- be assured that the
                          Abomination-to-Be is aware of your pryings into what
                          it considers its inviolate domain.  Its sense of
                          hearing carries well into the lower registers, and
                          the noise made by the probe shall alert it to your
                          unauthorized attentions.  The last thing your OB/GYN
                          will ever see is that tiny face, bright and fierce
                          with the supernatural wisdom of the ages, turning to
                          face the careless one who dares disturb its musings,
                          then casually dispatching the unbeliever in a whiff
                          of ozone and brimstone.  IA! IA!  Bright Is The Light
                          That Burns In The Darkness!


Congratulations!  You have reached the midpoint of the accursed event.  By
this point, most of the routine dangers of carrying a vicious horror to
term are passed; ahead lie only the routine dangers of expelling a vicious
horror from your body while aiming for the least chilling demise possible.
Many women look and feel radiant at this point in the pregnancy -- in part
because of improvements to skin and hair tone, but largely due to the 
sexual component of the Abomination's blood magik.  Accept as many lovers
as possible during this time; the Dark Seed of Tssug the Many-Armed has
many lusts to slake.

     * Vernix, a white greasy substance, forms on the skin of the demonling.
       This exudation makes the diabolical fetus slippery and difficult to
       grasp; this will facilitate its escape into the air ducts upon its
       eventual birthing.
     * The darkling can now grip firmly with his hands -- a strangling
       reflex that will serve him well in the years to come.
     * Protective substances may be transferred to the impkin through your
       blood to help him resist disease in the first weeks.  This transference
       is a two-way street; do not be alarmed if you suddenly experience
       terrifying hallucinations or sudden drops in body temperature.
     * The bones and teeth are now fully solidified, but the spurs and
       horns are still soft and flexible.
     * He is moving around quite a bit by now, and may even react to noises
       outside the womb -- especially if they are rude or uncomplimentary.
       Do not mock the Spawn of Tssug, Archon of the Blazing Skies!


                        There is usually no reason to avoid travel during
                        these last few months of your miserable life.  However,
                        there are certain adjustments you must make.  First,
                        be sure to take breaks to stand up and stretch during
                        long car or plane trips; good circulation is vital to
                        keep your fetus active, and the Dark Seed of Tssug is
                        at his most dangerous when he is bored.  Second, avoid
                        being scanned by metal detectors; your paranoid little
                        monster might interpret the searching beams as an 
                        attack by the forces of Shakul and his shambling 
                        minions.  Finally, you should wear loose and 
                        comfortable clothing that can easily conceal the
                        bruises and stigmata inflicted by the Abomination's
                        playful explorations of his new world.

                        You may at times feel urges to visit places you have
                        never been to, such as the icy wilderness of Antarctica
                        or some nameless ruins in Turkey.  It is the will of
                        your Dark Spawn that speaks to you now, and failing
                        to heed that voice would be ill-advised.  Cometh The
                        Long Night! IA! IA!


due March 15