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From: (Seán Sheehan)
Newsgroups: alt.basement.graveyard,alt.angst,alt.bitterness,talk.bizarre
Subject: Wham, Spam, Thank you Ma'am
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 07:31:17 GMT
Organization: Need for Speed Ltd
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USENET is dead. Not really. It's just buried in a basement somewhere.
Spam abounds, get rich quick, see my dick (or someone else's
purporting to be mine since it's bigger) in technicolour (or 256
colours of your choice) ... whatever.

The time has come to exhume the mouldy USENET of old... rusty shovels
biting hungrily into humus-rich loam: a meal for the dead and dying;
last rites for the sick.

Call a spade a spade, not a manually-wielded digging implement. Seek
and ye shall find. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The white bleached
bones of errant posters (as opposed to poseurs) of old lie open to the
midday yellow light of a 60W bulb, deep in the bowels of the earth (or
as far as the basement staircase allows).

Seek we excrescence? Nay, the jewels of yesteryear. The posts with the
most. The playback from way back. The rave from the grave.

Are you one of these? Doth thou  wit and wisdom provide subsoil for
the humus of deja news? 

Now you know where to gather.

The ability to entertain (in whatever form) a must.

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