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From: (the reverse-psychology major)
Subject: Re: a hate list
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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 07:09:29 GMT
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In article <57u5sf$>, Ilya <> wrote:
> 1. Those who do not properly punctuate.
> 2. Those who never evaluate.
> 3. Those who boorishly pontificate.
> 4. Those who unthinkingly prevaricate.
> 5. Those who rudely flatulate.
> 6. Those unwontedly profligate.
> 7. Those who execessively perserverate.
> 8. Those who make lists of things they hate.
> 9. Those who jocularly assonate.
 10. those who publicaly masturbate.


this is my .sig. it's one of the best .sigs on the 'net'. i know what 
you're thinking: 'did he post 5 or 6 articles'? to tell you the truth i
kinda lost track myself. so you gotta ask yourself one question: 'have
you mamorized it yet?' huh, have you punk? go for it. make my bed.