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From: (Riaz F Abdulla)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: My Dad vs. the Cat
Date: 2 Dec 1996 16:03:07 GMT
Organization: Purdue University
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My father, my Grandmother, and our cat (Henry) are trapped in some kind of
hideous karmic maw beyond their ken. I wonder if they realize if it is the
case that they are an indivisible trio linked by mystical forces. I think
that they do not realize this.

My grandmother: Her brain is a goddam thermodynamic miracle. It is my belief
                that all her neurons are misfiring simultaneously with the
                result that she is unable to do anything. Every microstate
                within her head is realized and the result is net cancellation
                of signal so that she simply sits and stares, as her neurons
                rage endlessly.  

                Sometimes a stray magnetic field from a light switch perhaps,
                perturbs her equilibrium state so that she utters completely
                meaningless propositions: "Henry likes you," she will say as the
                cat lacerates my fingers and farts in my face. Or: "I dorn't
                like thiess greasy Amehrdican foord... Will eeoo gorto Hahdeez
                and gert me a Fish Sandwich. I like that..." Whenever she
                eats, the cat eats as well. I might have mentioned this
                previously, and so I will not bore you with details. It is 
                enough to say that she is convinced that if she eats then the
                cat need not be fed, and vice-versa. If Grandmother is not
                happy, then the cat meows and vice versa. It is more than
                symbiosis. It is Ka-tet.

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