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From: (Philip K Stone)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: FTS: Boxing Day
Date: 2 Dec 1996 17:19:05 GMT
Organization: Suck Failure Analysis Corp.
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Doubtless many of you are searching for the perfect Xmas gift for that
special little person in your life.  Allow me to suggest some of my 
favorite new children's books:

"Carl Has Lunch" - In this, the latest offering in the lavishly illustrated,
wordless "Good Dog Carl" series, Carl the lovable Rottweiler is left alone
with his infant charge for one day too many.  Hungry Carl does what comes
naturally, and hilarious hijinks ensue as the irrepressible canine arranges 
the gory aftermath to look like the work of Satanic cultists.

"Granpa, Take Me Cowtipping" -  The passage of wisdom from generation to
generation and the gentle traditions of deeply inbred country folk are
celebrated, as little Kyle and Jessica follow their drunken grandfather
to a moonlit adventure.

"The Little Booster Engine That Couldn't" - Sammy the Space Shuttle is
convinced to do his job by NASA policy wonks, despite the reluctance
he feels one cold Florida morning.

"What is God? (II)" - The "Church" of $cient*l*gy makes its first foray
into children's literature.  Uncle Elron teaches little wogs that
God is merely a bad slide show implanted on our consciousness by murderous
space aliens.  A coupon for a free personality test is included.

		Phil (IHNJH,IJLS "policy wonks")