Article: 288772 of talk.bizarre
From: Ned
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: How Do I Lick Thee?
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 19:09:11 GMT
Lines: 47
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D'oh!  I missed Fail-To-Suck Day.  That sucks!

Oh well, speaking of sucking...


		  a lesbian manifesto
	    by Elizabeth Bare-it Brown-Nose
	  (daughter of Mrs. Brown & Mr. Nose)	

	Judging beauty by the books
	  People say they like your looks
	But I relate more lingually:
	  It's through my tongue that you touch me.

	You are sweet beyond compare
	  Your feet may stink but I don't care
	'Cause taste, to me, (I've told my nose)
	  Is all that matters 'bout your toes.

	We warm up, kissing, just for kicks
	  With tongue in cheek I get my licks
	And lather up your lips with suds
	  You make me whet; you burst my 'buds!

	I love to nibble on your feets
	  And eyes and ears and nose and teats!
	Then down I go -- I won't be sated
	  Till on your pubes I've salivated.

	And deep into your scrumptious slit
	  With trembling tongue I smear my spit,
	But there I stop; I'm not so heinous
	  As to eat your awful anus.

	You know you'd never find a soul
	  Who'd rather smoke than stroke THAT hole,
	So don't feel bad -- let's keep in touch
	  'Cause I still lick you very much.

  Ned Netherded