Article: 288743 of talk.bizarre
From: Scott Ellis <>
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: When I Win the Lottery (4)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 17:27:29 -0600
Organization: Blue Sky Community Networks of Manitoba Inc.
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               when I win the lottery
            I will be a small dull gray
          crystal clenched in deep bluerock
         found by a dark miner singing a zulu
         pop song he will wonder as he often 
         does whether to hide me nestled in
           one of his body's small caves
               behind his scrotum or
                  shoved deep in a
                    thick callus 

however I come out of darkness 
at some time a pale man will 
clamp me fast and 
shatter me with a turncoat cousin 
my sides will sheer off in 
mathematical precision 
the light will leap through me 
wired into place 
    circling a center 
           stone choirclustered 
             around a diva 
               chording clear, 
                   brilliant and 
                        everlasting pain 
                            perched in glory 
                               on a finger that  
                                     will lose us 
                                        soon to death
                                       divorce or 
                                   the pawn