Article: 288742 of talk.bizarre
From: Scott Ellis <>
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: When I Win the Lottery (5)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 17:28:21 -0600
Organization: Blue Sky Community Networks of Manitoba Inc.
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Message-ID: <>

                              I win 
                               the lo
                                ttery I 
                                  will be 
                              a starfish
   s                        a vandal 
    tr                   boulevardier
      olling through Do Not Disturbed doorways of tremulous 
        yessing their massed chorus of No with Fuller    oyst
          Brush patience I'll glom a pocky shell arm       ers
                  wrestling past a hypertrophied 
               terrorclutch knuck     ling into the 
              hermit's nacred           oda my chiller
            thriller belly               billowing 
           out groping                  glabrous 
            ambisexual                   flesh back
               seat apo                      theosis
           tucking up                          I'll wheel 
         and turn                                  spitting 
          pearls                                        as I