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In article <nowhere-ya023180000312960206010001@news>, wrote:
> All ten word sayings sound like fucking Chineese proverbs - Confusious
The name was Kung Fu-tze, pilgrim--"Confucius" to you--and I don't much like you 
screwing up the spelling of great-(to the 23rd power)grandad's name, y' hear?

Furthermore pencil-neck, there's a good reason for ten-word sayings sounding 
like *CHINESE* proverbs: they are! You think we stopped at learning how to stick 
needles into skin? Not on your penis-enlarger we didn't! We know how to stick 
thoughts into minds, even at great distances. So anytime we see a lull in wisdom 
shaping up, we pop a couple of ten-worders into those growths on the tops of 
your spines to smarten things up. 

Your spinal knob is only a cranial cyst however, not a functioning brain. But, 
because you chew on AA batteries when no one's looking, the electricity got to 
our sensors and the result was the crap quoted above. We've since calibrated the 
system so there won't be any more like THAT, you can be sure!
> George
> ----------------
> This is my sig.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.
> Without me, my sig. is useless, and without my sig., *I* am useless.
You got the last part right.


"Hordes thunder down upon a sleeping world and civilization blossoms."
                                             --(the other) Confucius
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