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Subject: Re: Seasons (FTSD)
Date: 4 Dec 1996 20:34:41 GMT
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Rimrunner ( wrote:

: Funny thing about seasons. When I was young time lasted forever. My
When i was very very young - well, not so very, maybe 7 or 8 - i was
out with my grandparents at the house of a friend of my grandfather's
parents (did that make sense? her name was Missus Tyson). So she was
very old, very much so, and i was merely a whippersnapper.

I wisely commented, "Every year that i get older [ed: because it was
nigh my birthday], the seasons seem shorter!" My grandfather laughed
heartily; he was in his 50's at the time. Missus Tyson was in her 80s.
My great uncle was also there, he grinned. My grandfather turned to 
Missus Tyson and asked, "Is that true? What do you say to that?"

I dont remember her answer. Every year, every season, however, I try 
to judge the truth of my statement. When i'm 80, i'll let you know.

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