Article: 288819 of talk.bizarre
From: (deirdre)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: girls are like biscuits
Date: 4 Dec 1996 04:25:58 GMT
Organization: even everyday girls get the blues
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all days are joined in their pain and the forgetting of pain my pain
personal to me is on the edge of being forgotten pale mold neath
ranging fistulas of harshness long range missles shot into my heart
daily by very close strangers with hunched backs splayed foreheads

arrangements made in states of near epilepsy o yes the slather of
tounged easements possible with each passing moment by just saying
is this something is this anything at all backyards full of winter mice
might seem to rise in a wave want to come in but I say  No!

pressed, inside, zero hour played out the mouths are wide open
fall freezes the top of the ground black leaves enter the underworld
taking the reflected salts of human history its decay deeper an
other layer all brilliant and sad the spoken lot soon buried