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(pre-disclaimer: this is not political, this is not a comment on anyone's
personal life, the only cs hint is that some probably ets'ed wag needs his
or her groff macros adjusted for 25x80 text-mode browsers; this is in fact
a bizarre takeoff on one word in the post responded to, and a shining
example of the proper trimming of Newsgrps: lines when responding to
such general posts within the context of the group where one discovers it.
No actually serious input on the questions of morality, censorship,
prematurity, and similar issues raised in the original post is here


<title>Primary Usage</title>

The primary usage for the ASG is a Grouped Instrument Gathering (GIG),
where all of the members of the HSG, and the LU's are placed in the
same proximity to achieve a positive effect on the LU's. The operators
of each of the members of the HSG attempt to remain synchronized with
the RIM. The lack of this synchronization usually causes the LU's to
wrinkle their collective proboscus' in annoyance, and may cause the
LU's to depart before the scheduled termination period. The HSG will
operate for several minutes at a time before a short break (usually 30
to 60 seconds) is required.

During this break the lead operator of the HSG may converse with the
LU's in an attempt at generating a humorous statement. If the lead
operator is successful, the RIM operator will respond with a short
repetition to the cylindrical low frequency device followed by
striking the metallurgical high frequency device. This process is know
as a RIMshot. Once the humor has been dispensed, and the HSG has once
again signaled it is in the READY state, the operators may continue to
synchronize themselves with the RIM, although the rhythmic interval
may now be different. If the response from the LU's is not as positive
as expected, the RIM should be turned up to produce a shorter interval
between strikes. This will usually, but not always, increase the
response of the LU's. This response can be measured, by observing the
upturned edges of the oral cavity, or by the coupling of LU's in a
swaying motion. After the period of one hour the HSG should stop for a
period of not less than 10, but not more than 15 minutes. After this
time the entire process should be repeated until it has been
accomplished four times.</para>"