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From: (R. M. Macrae)
Subject: the new realism
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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 18:45:19 GMT
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   The New Realism rapidly took root everywhere. 

   The merely phatic "have a nice day" went out of fashion
   and disappeared.

   In the church young couples swear the modified marriage 
   vow in which "as long as you both shall live" has been 
   replaced with "until you can't stand it anymore."

   The fortune teller gazes at my palm and croaks "you will
   live a long and dreary life."

   The old-style Carnivals are long gone, but every year we
   wait listlessly for the Procession of the Doomed.


   rod macrae
   today's anagram: marcia kerr, co-ed