From: (nikolai kingsley)
Newsgroups: alt.slack,talk.bizarre
Subject: Killing "Bob"
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 20:01:51 +1100
Organization: anarchartists/FDP
Lines: 30
Message-ID: <>
X-Newsreader: Anawave Gravity v2.00.753

FX: cafeteria chatter; the occasional clank of a cup against a plate. A 
heavy public telephone receiver rattles as it is slammed down. It is 
thumped down so hard that the phone gives a half-hearted ring and the 
coins in the coin-box rattle. One of them rattles into the coin return 

Bob: Dammit. Those idiots go to the trouble of setting this up, telling 
me where to be and when to call them, and their goddamn phone's been cut 

FX: receiver is picked up again; coins inserted into phone; faint beeps 
as he dials again.

Bob: (impatiently) Come on.. come on.. damn!

FX: phone slams down, harder than before. Footsteps approach.

Wellman: Glad you could make it, Mr Dobbs.

Bob: You! What was all that rigmarole with the phone?

Wellman: We had to make sure you'd still be here, Mr Dobbs.

FX: single gun shot.