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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 20:08:42 +1100
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I can remember the second play I ever wrote. The first one was obvious 
crap, plainly derivative of whichever hentai anime I'd just seen, but the 
second one was pretty good if I may say so.

I'd written it as microtheatre; there were about forty speaking parts and 
the action was entirely focused on the first passing stranger that came 
by. It was performed four times live, in the street, and yes, it worked.

Someone who'd seen the third performance came up to me afterward and said 
they really liked it and they wanted to adapt it for radio. I had my 
doubts, but I agreed. I thought it didn't work as well as a radio play, 
but that was probably sour grapes because I only had a consulting role.

A lot more people heard it on the radio than saw it in the street; it was 
adapted back for microtheatre by someone who had heard it while tripping. 
Someone in the audience of the doubly-revised street version thought it 
was just fan-fucking-tastic and got an option to adapt it for television. 
After that it became a short film, a different radio serial, another 
microtheatre production, then "avant-garde" theatre, whatever the hell 
that is - I never actually saw that one - then a computer game, then a 
different television series, then *another* microtheatrical production; 
it then appeared at a poetry reading and was adapted once more as a radio 

After all this, the only line that survived from the original was:

RENDRI (sarcastically) Bad language and hating budgies.

"The current temperature is a pleasant twenty-two degrees,
and so am I!" - Alphonse the Room-Temperature pony