Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Subject: log--it's better than bad
Message-ID: <>
Summary: fail to suck
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 12:24:45 GMT
Lines: 25

Elspeth says, "equal opportunity"
Elspeth says, "sequel of buffoonery"
buzzard says, "we quell all your spoonery"
Elspeth says, "squeek well all you mulery"
buzzard says, "she sells by the moon like me"
Elspeth says, "speaking of her lunacy"
buzzard says, "freaking out on ecstasy"
Elspeth says, "creaking existentially"
buzzard says, "drinking like the whole world's tea"
Elspeth says, "blinking into what you see"
buzzard says, "thinking you're a lot like me"
Elspeth says, "slinking up above your knee"
buzzard says, "stinking up the pharmacy"
Elspeth says, "winking at the maitre'd"
buzzard says, "linking up the X-Y-Z"
Elspeth says, "sphincters breaking undersea"
buzzard says, "tincture causing normalcy"
Elspeth says, "bingo players' IUD"
buzzard says, "singing in the key of C"
Elspeth says, "pink flamingoes really? Gee!"
buzzard says, "Sickly gringos in Waters' dream"
Elspeth says, "English sicko's sucking scheme"
buzzard says, "Kings play chess on greenery"
Elspeth says, "'Jingo's Mama's cress!' said She."
buzzard says, "Fling apart that dress, let's see!"