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I really miss you, darlin'.

                                 <Pause.> God, I've been working my ass off
                                 lately. And my director is such a cow.

      Shearing stress: stress that slices rocks into parallel blocks
      that slide in opposite directions along their adjacent sides.

I wish I could have had time to come and see you.

                                 <Pause.> Oh, did I tell you we went to
                                 Austin and that I got smashed this past

      Strike-slip fault: A fault in which two sections of rock have
      moved horizontally in opposite directions, parallel to the
      line of the fracture that divided them.

I love you.

                                 <Pause.> Yeahyoutoobye.
      Metamorphic rock: A rock that has undergone chemical or structural
      changes. Heat, pressure, or a chemical reaction may cause such changes. 

Sigh. <Click.>


      Shock metamorphism: The metamorphism that results when a
      meteorite strikes rocks at the Earth's surface. The meteoric
      impact generates tremendous pressure and extremely high
      temperatures that cause minerals to shatter and recrystallize,
      producing new minerals which cannot arise under any other


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