From: agarcia@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Anthony Garcia)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Late Shift At the Frankensteinverken
Date: 1 Dec 1997 11:38:49 -0600
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As I stitch around my twentieth shoulder of the evening, my thoughts
are somewhere else.  A welcome relief, actually, since if I were to be
fully here, among the overwhelming formaldehyde scent of the parts
bins and the clatter of the sorting tables, I would undoubtedly be
dying of boredom.  

Well, not really *dying* of boredom.  Although it would be rather
amusing if I did.  What with living alone, far from my family, I would
receive only the briefest of funerals from the parish priest, after
which he would preside over the tattooing of the imprimatur upon all
my limbs, and the delivery of my body right back here.  Which might
provide my co-workers with a bit of a shock!  Here's Bruno-- part him
out and dump him in the bins, fellows!  His strong back to a new
gardener, his fine hands for a butler.

But no-- my thoughts are elsewhere.  On that fine young man whom I
observe, now and then, passing by the window of my apartment.  Who
dismissed me the other night, after I had gone to all the trouble to
follow him to that bar.  Said I smelled.  Well, what of it?  You can't
help but take a little bit of work home with you, here.  

Perhaps he's right, and I should look among my peers.  Mary, on the
internals line, has made a few fresh remarks to me.  But she's not on
my mind.  Not like his fine chin, and graceful hands.  And such fire
in his eyes!

I'd miss that fire, true.  But to have the rest of him, all for
myself...  I think of the end of my shift tonight.  My supervisor
won't notice that my bag is a little heavier with borrowed tools

Tonight, I shall be taking a bit more of my work home with me.