From: (Crisper Than Thou)
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Subject: Sun So Small
Date: 1 Dec 1997 12:30:53 -0800
Organization: The Crisper Mind
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Summary: Fail to Suck
Keywords: Hello I Must Be Going

When They finally decided to drop the Bomb, They did it from way way up. The
 Bomb fell without knowing or caring its destination. On its back was pinned
 all the hope and hatred of the Secret Masters.

It dwindled from sight, growing ever smaller as They watched from the
 orbital launch platform.

But was it the fall that made it dwindle? Or was it actually shrinking?

As it turned out, it was both, for I looked up by sheer chance and saw it
 coming-- but instead of growing, dwarfing me in the shadow of its noon-
 day plummet, it was growing smaller and smaller.

Its designers had forgotten that perception is reality, and as they watched
 it shrink, their perception of its size compressed it, for nothing can
 withstand the pressure of extreme scrutiny powered by inhuman will.

I reached up to catch it. Small as grain of sand and light as a feather, it
 drifted down, down, down towards my cupped hands.

At an altitude of six inches, it airburst, and for a brief moment, my hands
 were warm. But then December's chill returned with a vengeance, and I
 hastened into the warm lobby of the hotel.

	--The Elder Dan

In dreams, logic grows on trees.