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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 22:54:07 GMT
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> Is fame for you?  Did you or your friend have a funny or unusual wedding
> day experience?  Why not tell your story to others?  I am a freelance
> journalist who specializes in humorous and anecdotal stories.  If you
> have a story you want to share, please e-mail me a short description. 

Well, okay, friends of mine wanted to get married, but they wanted to do
it in print, as there were a lot of them.  So, it had to be by proxy.
Luckily, the grooms' families were all sans serif.  However, one of the
brides'smaids objected, saying she didn't look good in soy-based inks, 
and we thought we'd get around this by trading her to the local christian
tract publisher for a pair of flower girls, all cool until we discovered 
one of _them_ under the card stock condensed out of her mind on spray 
paint.  Still, we managed to kern her up, and you can read the ceremony
in _Weddings_for_Dummies_ if you hold the pages up to black light.

. then there was getting thrown out of the twenty-four hour currently-not-
. coin-operated church of elvis on saturday after the wedding couple 
. returned from running around the block carrying the wedding sign and
. dragging the wedding cans, but we were just anonymous witnesses, anywho

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