From: (Jonathan D Schuster)
Subject: Knowledge
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 23:13:34 GMT
Organization: a foolish waste of time, entropy will prevail
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It has taken far too long, for me to know that I never really knew you. 
Oh, I knew what you let me know. What you allowed me to see.
But the rest you kept hidden so I never even knew it was there.
Did you think I would reject you, if I knew all of you? 

There was so much you could have told me, so much I should have known. 
But that was your choice, I had none.
So I went along with what I thought was the truth.
How much pain could have been saved? How much time was lost?

And now, when it is too late, I know what I had never known before.
There was so much about you that I never knew.
And I know when it is far too late;
Knowledge is worthless.

JD Schuster
Dec 01 1997