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Subject: Repost: Nessie on Crack
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 18:07:00 -0500
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Scottish Rock Candy

Nessie's on crack,
my mom just shot my pastor,
in the head,
nessie swam by, didn't say hi, just swam, swam, swam.. 

Dude's kilt is hiked up,
hitchin' to Skye,
Crack pipe's broken,
nessie flyin in the clear blue sky, fly, fly, fly 

Blood's a pool on the kitchen floor,
swim at your own risk
no lifeguard on duty,
nessie's a hemophiliac bleedin in a tree, drip dry, drip dry, drip drip 

The star's are fallin' from the
penthouse balcony,
look, it's candice bergon
nessie's lightyears away, shinin'.shinin',shinin' 

this is you, this is your brain,
no it's an egg.
crack smoke is blowin in my eye,
nessie's coughin blood, hack, hack, hack, hacck, 

the roof is leakin, water's
poorin on my head,
plumber's drowned,
nessie's puttin shingles on, Bam, Bam, BAm, Bam. 

nessie's on crack, what's the
world comin to?
tammy faye's runnin in my rearview,
nessie's a sinner, REPENT< REPENT< REPENT..

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