Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
From: (Lisa Chabot)
Subject: chicken bone woman
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Summary: if wishes were dreams
Keywords: bime shotten dame floose oophers
Organization: VMl
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 01:57:54 GMT
Lines: 34

lovely chicken bone woman
why do you turn and fade?
i try to look at you
to keep you solid but with
each puff of times breath
you twist this way and that way
out of the memories we know.

everyone loves chicken bone woman.

chicken bone woman, chicken bone woman,
stay with us, we call.
turn, if you must, slower so 
your vision will persist and not
founder on repeated questions
like the text 
in the book 
in the shelf 
in the dream.

eluding all gasping,
she slips between the vertical frames by 
the shadows of the concrete riverbank
as if she'd never appeared in our hearts.

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