From: (Ami)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: FTS: Disease
Date: 1 Dec 1997 22:19:07 -0800
Organization: House of Woggles
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Keywords: fail to suck


These are not my eyes
blood spurting over the Christmas tree
decorating the fireplace
where my nightgown burns
Mother's hand
forcing these eyes that are not mine
to stare at it
blood dripping from the tree tinsel
onto the cats' noses
as they bat the dangling branches

These are not my eyes
beholding the world
Mother, you are a stupid crotch
Did you think I'd never notice?
I dig them out
my nails scratching their glass surface
my tears are blood
flowing from pure wounds
as I pop the infection


The bigger the Net gets, the smaller the fish it catches ...
     -- R. E. Childs