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Subject: FTS: Malevolent Imp
Date: 1 Dec 1997 22:26:42 -0800
Organization: House of Woggles
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Malevolent Imp

The blue-eyed angel
with the Betty Page hair
never was
Before I was born
God damned her as a joke

Mother died years before
her cups smashed against the pavement
fragments strewn in the dirt
ground under papa's foot
as the frightened girl died with the monsters under her bed

Drunk on giggles
God took papa's rib
and created an imp
whispering in its ear
They are bad
They will hurt you
They are stupid
Kill Them

He lowered the imp
into the cold girl's moldy corpse
and breathed red into blue lips
scaring the monsters to their closets

God gave the imp dreams
already broken
delirious in laughter
at his marvelous
as he bequeathed unto her
three frightened children
and started preparations
to take more ribs
and create more imps

But this imp
shall smash his spirit
and swallow his dreams
I damn you God
Fuck you
filthy drunken imp

The bigger the Net gets, the smaller the fish it catches ...
     -- R. E. Childs