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Date: 01 Dec 1997 16:22:03 -0800
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thunder echoes in the mind your ps and qs there junior,
you're on capp street now.  the factoid is that almost
anybody can be arrested at any time, and you're just now
beginning to wonder if this is a fascist state?  tom paine
never would have put up with this kind of shit, but the
specie have been sincerely deconvolved, downshifted and
unredressed since then so it's only the faintest shade of
it's former position on the food chain.

shake it down, man.  shake it all around.
shake it in the city.  shake it in the town
shake it for the homeless.  shake it underground.
shake it by the olde mill stream.

the difference between active and passive?  well, a passive
device just listens, like a fuzzbuster, you see to your
biorhythms or your alpha waves or your musclegrams.  on the
other forehand, an active device, like a quantum effect
singularity in a collimated tachyon beam, for instance, can
actually insinuate itself between the toes, slither up your
leg and, gaining entrance through your rectum, get into your
spinal column, tie all of your chakras into a knot that
could bust R.D. Laing's ass, and chew a hole in the top of
your head on the way out.

welcome to capp street.