From: (Bill Bill)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: a ground in the hand
Date: 2 Dec 1997 10:09:29 GMT
Organization: wareware
Lines: 35
Message-ID: <660mop$cn4$>

Harry the Birdcatcher sits with a pot of coffee on his
table.  He must be persistent - the nose-ringed madman
behind the counter never pours more than a drop.  Are
they lovers?  Nah, Harry likes birds.  Coffee shops 
don't care about him except to get him in the air.

Harry is in the trees with a girlfriend, pointing at
a speck in the sky.  He makes a chirping sound and
they laugh.  He makes a cat voice and the plane falls
out of the sky.  He catches it in his big big net,
the one with "Official Terrorist" stamped in Danger
Orange.  The girlfriend chirps, and he puts her in
his fur-lined pocket.

Harry's dad lifts the roof of the house, looking for
his Birdcatcher.  The clouds inside are full of rooms,
each with a copy of Harry that waves his big net around
the air.  He is catching the women of his dreams, whose
gigantic turbines lift him into the air.  His blue wings
flail about, and he lifts off the floors, a small flock
of danger orange, a fireball in disguise.  Harry's dad
runs back to the ground, singed with realization.  He 
watches the nets of the sky flicker and smoulder with 
Harry in them, and he whistles a horrified tune.

Harry's girlfriend loves him like Thor's hammer.  She has
an electric nose, which draws him ever closer.  With her
spirals of lady fur she wears him down.  Soon Harry
will get horrified too, and for all the right reasons.
But just now he burns like a fine turkey incense, and she 
sniffs the corner of the sky, draped around his tree with
all of her limbs turning orange.  So which one of them is
being like the other?

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