From: (Rollin Thomas)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Last Date of his Life.
Date: 2 Dec 97 16:06:51 GMT
Organization: The University of Oklahoma (USA)
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"So," I asked, menu in careful hand, "what do you like to do in your spare

Unscrupulously beautiful.  Long hair waiting in curls, rivers of fire down
her face.  Cautious hips and overestimated bedroom eyes, which stared
implacable at me from her shy face.

Her sleeping lips hesitated instantly, and then from deep within her 
throat came a moan and her words conquered me.  "Hearts come to
me for breaking.  I take them to my webs and devour them mercilessly.
Their love splatters the walls of my corners, their bones crumble.
I take as much of their hearts as I can, and leave them with what they
need to pump blood, and no more.  They leave me, they wander home with
ten percent hearts and never love again.  So, yeah, that's it.  Pretty

"Wow," I said, pleased yet unsurprised.  "So what will you have for dinner?"

She smiled.