From: (Zvi Gilbert)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Bannister Bill; Or, A Man Who Folds
Date: 1 Dec 1997 23:12:50 -0500
Organization: the captious glitter of their scholia
Lines: 60
Message-ID: <6601s2$>

a universe fold
 in an open door
Bannister Bill
 ain't here no more

he drank his food
 he ate his gin
he got off his stool
 but left his grin

a monster heart
 in an empty hide
Bannister Bill
 no greed so wide

I hate him them
 I hate him still
the ornery, stornery
 Bannister Bill

the guys and gals
 are weeping sore
no-one on earth
 was love`d more

they think I killed
 that big old man
o I wish that
 I wish I can

but he looked at me
 when I cocked the gun
and he winked and blinked
 like it was fun

he folded away
 from the slam and the smoke
big bannister bill
 liked his big joke

he'll be back I know
 in this small cell
bannister bill
 will send me to hell

so I know I won't
 I won't live to hang
no handkerchief
 no sturm and drang

here's my advice
 to the young and old
don't you shoot
 a man who folds

pity this busy monster man(un)kind / not