From: (Zvi Gilbert)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: hydrogen jukebox
Date: 1 Dec 1997 23:46:53 -0500
Organization: the captious glitter of their scholia
Lines: 28
Message-ID: <6603rt$>
Keywords: sequence: accusation of terminal optimism ; bitter remark

Animal       the way the herds run from the gun
             the spark and headache of the sun
             the wealthy way the women walk
Mineral      the tired way the moneyed talk
             the knife that's asking to be used
             the artist, weeping and confused
Bitter       the coffee grounds left in the pot
             the things that were and now are not
             the gum devoid of any flavour
& Cynical    the quip much sharper than a razor
Create       the razor blades are shaving faces
             they're having giant gumball races
             the past is still inside our branes
Destroy      the coffee tastes as wild as rain
             the smiling artist thinks she's done
             the knife is used to slice a bun
Amazing      they're talking now about a child  
             the money given to the bride
             the sun is shining like a dime
Joy          the animals are still in time

they fight / and bite / and fight and bite and fight